Our main object is to combine the best from the traditional financial world with the advantageous innovation from the digital asset market.

In a first stage, this aim is reached by the set-up of a digital asset trade solution and currently two specific interfaces. The product range is provided by the “Powerfox” brand. Thereby, the focus is on the broad public which is supplied with high-quality, regulated and user-friendly solutions. 

Would you like to know more about the Powerfox App? We gladly show you the current version in a live demo and answer your questions.


Powerfox is the first product brand that has emerged from Calidris Fintech AG. It is our aim to identify trends and problems in the crypto economy and to rectify these by means of innovative ideas and products. Together with our partners and the broadly established network, we are ideally positioned for the future market. Further exciting products are in the pipeline and will be disclosed shortly. The digital asset market is still young and we vigorously endeavour to establish it.   


Problems are here to be solved, we tackle them vigorously

In the background we have the fact that investors without technical know-how cannot participate in the huge potential of digital assets due to the deficit of the current market – or because the entry threshold for the set-up of the required technical basic understanding is too high.



Technical know-how for the creation of a suitable wallet is too high.

Use of classic bank accounts with state guaranteed deposit protection.


Expert knowledge for the proper protection of wallets or assets respectively.

Use of financial institutes which have stood the test for their security during decades and which are state regulated.


Intransparent pricing models with hidden costs on the purchase/sale of digital values.

No hidden or additional costs. The price offered is equal to the final price.


Enormous price differences when buying or selling digital values at various stock exchanges.

Intelligent calculation models with the possibility of monitoring various price channels in parallel.

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