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Top 3 security token news

by | 28 Jul 2020

1. tZERO will introduce trading of digital ASPEN securities tokens in the 3rd quarter of 2020

tZERO, a digital securities exchange that is a subsidiary of Medici Ventures, recently announced that it has partnered with Aspen Digital Inc. to enable trading of its digital token (ASPEN) on the tZERO platform ATS.

Currently only two tokens are available for trading on the tZERO platform. One is TZROP, the token from tZERO itself, and OSTKO, the token from the “parent company” Overstock.com. This new addition is therefore long overdue, as it is the first token to be added to the trading platform that is not directly connected to tZERO or Overstock.

The ASPEN tokens represent an indirect investment of $18 million in the St. Regis Aspen Resort, a five-star luxury hotel with 179 rooms in Aspen, Colorado.

tZERO is also an interesting partner for Calidris Fintech AG, especially when it comes to the regulated tradability of their own token.

2. Vogemann raises investment capital with its first STO

The Hamburg-based shipping company Vogemann has issued its first Security Token Offering (sto) using blockchain technology.

The total issue volume for the offering is 50 million US dollars (USD).

Vogemann’s decision to pursue a Security Token Offering (STO) is in line with the company’s plan to invest in future-oriented ships. 

Markus Lange, Vogemann’s Managing Partner, had further strengthened the company’s willingness to explore new financing options, and the emergence of STOs now became a realistic alternative:

“We were always open to new financing methods”, “An offer of security tokens is the logical continuation of our financing strategy”.

What did the investors buy?

The Vogemann Green Ship Tokens are digital securities in the form of symbolized participation rights with a fixed annual yield.

Not only Calidris Fintech AG, but also other companies, including those that have been established for some time, are increasingly discovering the intelligent new financing option via Security Token Offering (STO) and its advantages in terms of efficiency, availability and costs.

3. Real-world asset tokenization in Switzerland

Asset tokenization is the space where traditional assets and digital tokens come together to enable issuers to develop entirely new financial products and allow investors to participate in them in new ways.

There has already been great progress in enabling the tokenization of real world assets. This is evidenced by the recent announcement by SEBA, a regulated Swiss banking institution.

The digital bank has announced that it is moving into the realm of asset tokenization. In this context, SEBA aims to develop innovative solutions that allow its clients to issue and manage assets on multiple blockchain protocols and make them easily accessible to investors. 

Opening the door to asset tokenisation for institutions is one of the main criteria for creating broad acceptance for this practice. Once institutions can comply with strict compliance measures, issue securities as digital assets as well as manage and trade them, this could open the door to the interest of a wide range of investors on a global scale. This could be a critical point in the final transition from traditional securitisation of assets to fully digital assets.

Ultimately, this would also benefit Calidris Fintech AG.

Stay tuned!

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