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The regulated crypto-derivatives market is on the rise – what will change?

by | 15 Jul 2020

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the country’s derivatives regulator, will develop comprehensive regulations for crypto currencies.
It describes digital assets as “commodities of the 21st century”.

In its final strategy for the next four years, published on July 8, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission has made comprehensive crypto regulation a priority.
The publication welcomes the developments in derivatives on digital assets and the general digitalisation of trading in recent years:
“Financial markets are rapidly adopting emerging technologies and our derivatives markets have undergone an amazing digital transformation”.

The regulator currently classifies Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) as commodities and therefore there are legally available futures contracts for both (currently only ErisX offers Ether futures).

“Once you start seeing more clarity about whether something is a security or not, you will start to list more futures on digital assets,” Tarbert (CEO of CFTC) said in a recent interview.
This clarity will also further contribute and help to establish cryptocurrencies as a recognized and sustainable asset class, especially among institutional investors.
For this large and important buyer class, regulation is a prerequisite for positioning itself in the digital asset class.

Another reason for the shift to crypto derivatives trading is the low volatility of Bitcoin in the recent past. This is a disappointing development for traders speculating on large price swings.
The solution is to use the derivatives market to leverage potential profits when there are no volatile price movements of the underlying asset.
Moreover, traders do not have to tie up as much capital when trading derivatives and leverage as they do when trading spot. This makes derivatives, especially future trading, cheaper. This is also the reason why the volume of derivatives and futures trading is higher than spot trading.

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* In trading, spot is the price for a financial instrument that is delivered immediately or its value at a precisely defined time. The opposite of the spot or spot price is the future price. This is the price of an asset that will be delivered at a later date or its expected price in the future.

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