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The Calidris History

by | 20 Aug 2020

Calidris Fintech AG was founded by Peter Lindenmann in order to offer an alternative with high yield opportunities, as the product range in the classic market became increasingly less lucrative after 2008. Peter Lindenmann has been active in the classic financial sector since 2005 and therefore knows the needs of his customers very well.

This inspired him to look into alternatives. In 2013, he discovered Bitcoin, the very first crypto currency. So incredibly fascinated by the potential and the seemingly endless new possibilities of blockchain technology, Peter Lindenmann could hardly sleep for several days. It was clear to him afterwards that his professional future would lie in this area.

While searching for more exciting and lucrative crypto-currencies, Peter Lindenmann met Pierin Frizzoni in 2017, shortly after the founding of Calidris Fintech AG, who had acquired a great know-how about crypto currencies. Pierin Frizzoni was already managing the portfolio of crypto-currencies of several customers in a trustee mandate. He quickly joined Peter Lindenmann and his vision of Calidris Fintech AG.

Thanks to the merger with Frank Kallmeyer and Pascal Höfliger, the Calidris product range has once again received decisive input in 2018. Both bring many years of experience in the financial sector and in IT. In addition, as former founders, they have start-up experience and a profitable network of technology partners and finance houses.

The current addition of Patrick Mazenauer to the team, who was able to bring in the required capital through his large client base from the financial consulting sector, was also decisive for the success of Calidris.


The following market gaps were recognized early on by Calidris Fintech AG and are currently and in the future covered by the range of services:
– ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) no longer enjoy great trust. The investors require regulated tokens covered by an asset or security.

– For many potential investors, the current crypto exchanges are too complex to handle with their long keys and cryptographic wallets. Moreover, they do not want to take responsibility for the custody of their assets themselves, but only want to profit from the increase in value.

– Due to the lack of security and regulation, crypto exchanges are repeatedly hacked or people are scammed for their assets by tricks.

– Owners of crypto-currencies would like to spend their titles from time to time or at least have the possibility to do so directly.

– Customers want to have the opportunity to participate directly in the profits of a trading platform.

– There is a great demand to be able to keep balances in trading accounts risk-free, ideally with state-guaranteed deposit protection. This in order to make profits on the cryptomarket without having to keep the coins in a personal wallet. In addition, investments with positive interest rates are always being looked for.

– There is also a growing demand for low fees and mature, regulated platforms that are registered in trustworthy locations.

– Licensed banking institutions and financial companies are currently looking for new profitable income streams for themselves and a wider range of products for their clients.

We are working hard on the completion of our products and can’t wait to present them to the market.

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