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Security Token Report

by | 6 Aug 2020

The market for regulated, asset-backed tokens (security tokens) is still relatively small.

In July two new projects were added to stomarket.com, an overview page of all Security Token projects. For comparison, the overview page of all unregulated payment coins or utility tokens, coinmarketcap.com, has 6’088 different entrys.

Despite the current state of the art you can still see steps in the right direction.

The combined trading volume of all 20 Security Token projects increased by +279.80 % last month (July) and the market capitalization together by +169.99 % to a total of 392 million. The growth potential is easy to see, if you look at the market capitalization of Bitcoin alone, it is over 200 billion.

The newly listed projects are Tokensoft and Arca.
Tokensoft has tokenized its stock round and issued the tokens to investors who can be traded peer-to-peer.
Tokensoft’s first live client, Arca, has tokenized a fund of U.S. Treasuries and made it available for public investment.

One of the main advantages of tokenized assets and securities is that they provide a more efficient way to exchange and settle securities by providing digital and programmable access.

In total, more than 50 exchanges around the world, both traditional and newly founded start-ups, are currently working to offer security tokens and make them tradable. In the medium term, this will improve access to these financial instruments and also increase liquidity.

This will benefit new security token projects that are still in the issuing phase, such as our Calidris project.

We believe these steps could be the beginning of the future of the capital markets, historically, if you are involved in any way.

Stay tuned!


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