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Security Token Landscape Update

by | 14 Sep 2020

In the month of August, the trading volume of security tokens rose to almost 22 million dollars.
To put this into perspective: In January of this year, the total trading volume for the entire month was $194,000. That is a growth of 11.235%! The growth of this industry is exponential if you look at the data.

A new security token was added in August, bringing the total number to 21 individual projects. The new token comes this month from the tZERO platform and is the first third-party security token listed on the trading platform.

This is the St. Regis Aspen Resort (AspenCoin, ASPD)
The long-awaited St. Regis Aspen securities token offering was officially listed on tZERO for secondary trading. This 5-star luxury hotel is open to private investors and offers a 19% indirect stake in the St. Regis Aspen Resort.

Top Performer August:
– tZERO (TZROP: tZERO): +48.58%
– AspenCoin (ASPD: tZERO): +6.61

Source: STM, https://stomarket.com/

Tokenization enables access and liquidity from private markets, allowing investors to achieve better returns on their investments, apart from the public exchanges.
Asset tokenization enables issuers to raise new capital or sell existing equity using the decentralized books of the blockchain. Through tokenization, real estate companies can also sell and trade parts of land and property.
The blockchain can help to automate compliance efforts and facilitate rapid trading.

Regulators around the world are increasingly comfortable with the digital platform model, which takes intermediaries out of the equation (the demand side comes through broker-dealers).
Regulatory authorities such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and central banks (including the Federal Reserve) are also becoming increasingly aware that they can use Blockchain to generate digital coins and quickly process transactions.

We welcome and closely monitor this development.

Stay tuned!

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