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Fintech domicile Liechtenstein – The reasons

by | 25 May 2020

Liechtenstein is a geopolitically neutral and economically stable location that can offer financial services at the highest level. Liechtenstein has proven its expertise in the financial sector for decades. We as Calidris Fintech AG also benefit from this.

One location, many opportunities

Success factors are in particular the affiliation to two economic areas (EWR and CH), a liberal economic order, as well as a high degree of legal security. Through its traditionally close neighboring economic relations and the customs and currency treaty with Switzerland, Liechtenstein benefits from privileged access to the Swiss economic area.

Liechtenstein goes on the offensive with Blockchain and DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology)

Thanks to the Blockchain Act in Liechtenstein, which came into force on 01.01.2020, so-called security tokens (in future also the Calidris token) are subject to regulation.
Liechtenstein’s comprehensive legal framework in the blockchain sector offers established companies, start-ups, investors and crypto exchanges the opportunity to offer their business in a secure regulatory environment.

Liechtenstein establishes a regulatory neutral and all-embracing framework that covers all aspects of tokenization.
The forward-looking Blockchain Act protects customers from misuse and thus lays the foundation for the coming token economy and further innovations.

Probably the most important aspects are in particular the civil-law principles relating to tokens, the representation of rights by means of tokens and their transfer. Furthermore, the creation of optimal, innovation-friendly conditions for the provision of services in the field of token economy.

The tax aspect

The tax and legal framework is ideal for entrepreneurship and meets international standards. Adjustments of the tax law are not necessary. The economic approach of tax law means that a situation can be subsumed and assessed from a tax perspective regardless of the technology used.

Thanks to these fundamentals, Fintech companies based in Liechtenstein can now build their business models with confidence and according to clear regulations, which should give them a competitive advantage over their international competitors.
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