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Calidris presents: PERFORM LIKE BITCOIN

by | 28 Sep 2020

A few years ago, when the crypto market was still in its infancy, one could say that it is risky to place one’s fortune in this area. Now over 10 years later, I would say it is riskier not to invest at least a small part of your assets in the crypto market.

The establishment of a new asset class
Bitcoin is now tradable as a future on the Chicago Stock Exchange and dozens of central banks and almost every major bank worldwide are currently engaged in digital currencies.
Even in more turbulent times, like currently with COVID-19, the crypto market has presented itself as an attractive asset class. This is shown by the annual performance of Bitcoin, which is above that of gold and significantly above that of the stock market.

To provide oneself an overview of the crypto market, to learn the technical execution and to master wallet installations and transactions as well as to research the best projects is associated with a lot of time (and probably also a lot of lessons).
This is exactly where we start with our years of experience to satisfy the constantly increasing demand for an attractive crypto portfolio and everything that goes with it.

Crypto is more than just Bitcoin
Bitcoin has already experienced an enormous increase in value. In our opinion, there is greater potential in the so-called Altcoins (alternatives to Bitcoin). There are now over 5000 different ones and new ones are added daily. On the one hand, this is a chance, since there is a lot of potential to get involved in new projects, but there are also many bad projects that should be avoided.

We advise and support mainly in the following areas:

– We scan the market for you around the clock, 24/7.
– We advise you which coins have the highest potential for return.
– We support you in the complex handling of apps, exchanges and transactions etc.
– Due to our expertise it is possible to identify serious and sustainable projects.
– We optimize your portfolio and accompany you on your way in the crypto world.

If you are interested in this step by step support to operate successfully in this new market environment and to be optimally prepared for the future, then do not hesitate and contact us for a free initial consultation at https://expert.calidrisfintech.com/.

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